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The first step to starting Power Brain Training is scheduling an Introductory Session.

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Introductory Session

Introductory Session (Kids)

Check your Brain Power!

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Our “Body & Brain Check Up” evaluates 3 categories of Brain Utilization (1.5 hrs)

Physical Health: Strength/Balance/Flexibility/Endurance
Emotional Health: Social Skills/Stress Level/Self-Concept
Cognitive Health: Concentration/Creativity/Academic Achievement

Our evaluation includes:

• Body and Brain Coordination games
• Left/Right Brain Neuroplasticity Exercises
• Physical exercises & energy circulation check
• Mindfulness training
• Self-Image portrait
• Social/Emotional questionnaire

On your initial visit to our center, you and your child will enjoy some fun and challenging brain exercises as you experience a sample Power Brain class. Then, following your child’s “Body & Brain Check Up”, our Power Brain instructor will consult with you regarding your child’s evaluation. We will share our recommendations for classes and center programs, answer any questions, and discuss various scheduling and membership options.

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Introductory Session (Adult)

One-on-one consultation (1 hour) includes evaluation of:

• Flexibility and Balance
• Strength and Endurance
• Breathing Pattern & Circulation
• Stress and Relaxation Levels
• Body & Brain Coordination

During this one-hour session, our Power Brain instructor will get to know your goals for training and understand your health condition. Through taking this trial class, you will experience the essence of our adult BE training to see if you feel BE can benefit you. After the session, our BE instructor will make recommendations based on your goals and health condition, answer any questions, and explain scheduling and membership options.

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Power Brain Training Center

For Kids

Our Brain Education classes and leadership programs empower kids age 4~16 to maximize their brain potential.

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Classes and empowerment workshops teach relaxation and mindfulness to create optimal life balance.

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Our monthly Family Classes and annual Family Retreats bring health and happiness to the whole family.

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