What is Brain Education?

Power Brain Training Center

What is Brain Education?

Power Brain Training Center

Power Brain Training utilizes an exciting combination of physical, emotional and cognitive exercises to tap into our infinite brain potential. Our programs empower children and adults to improve focus, confidence, memory, creativity and emotional wellness while reducing stress and anxiety.

Power Brain Training Center

For Kids

Our Brain Education classes and leadership programs empower kids age 4~16 to maximize their brain potential.

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For Schools

Weve worked with thousands of students (pre-k ~12), teachers and parents in over 350 schools in the US.

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For Adults

Classes and empowerment workshops teach relaxation and mindfulness to create optimal life balance.

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For Families

Our monthly Family Classes and annual Family Retreats bring health and happiness to the whole family.

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5 Benefits


How often do we take the time and effort to teach our kids HOW to focus?


How do we help ourselves and our children to become more confident?


Power Brain training can also help students dramatically improve their memory.


All of our students are creative – we all have an inherent creative application in our brain.

Emotional Wellness

We give our students an empowering understanding of emotional wellness.

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Success Stories

The staff here is extremely kind and made me feel like they genuinely care about me and my family. It’s so convenient to have the kids class and the adult class going on at the same time in different rooms. As a busy mom, I always felt like “I don’t have time for myself”; this has been a way that I can squeeze a little time in for myself and also offer a great opportunity to my children. We all go home feeling refreshed and waaaay less stressed. In fact, I’ve noticed that my kids can focus better since they started the classes here and I don’t feel as impatient (with them or with my colleagues, either)

Hope James, Fairfax PBTC